Support for RECARO Seats by Car Make

This page contains information about support for RECARO seats by different makes of car. Please read the Baseframe Support Table Legend, below, before using this document.

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Precautions related to the installation of RECARO seats

Our products have been designed so that when installed, they will not create problems such as interference with other parts of the car interior. However, there may be cases in which our products cannot be installed due to unforeseen reasons such as individual differences in automobiles and changes to automobile specifications. Prior to using our products after installation, please make sure that there are no problems such as interference with other parts of the car interior. In the event that there is some problem with our product, please discontinue use immediately and consult with the place of purchase.
Correspondence for updated regulation related to seat belts
The EU was set to adopt updated UNECE regulations on seatbelts that require seatbelt reminder systems in all front and rear seats on new cars from September 2019.
Previous EU vehicle safety rules agreed in 2009 only require seatbelt reminder systems on the driver’s seat. The updated requirements also included the front and rear passenger seats.
In the front seats, the systems need to be able to detect a passenger sitting and make an audible warning at the start of the journey if the belt is not attached. The requirements for rear seats are weaker in that the audible warning only sound if a belt is unbuckled during the journey.
In Japan, government published the regulation to follow this, then “new registration vehicle” from 1.Sep.2020 onwards will be required to install SBR system.

In RECARO JAPAN, all seat except ORTHOPAD, Pro Racer SP-A/SP-G、AM19 series(SPORT-JC,STYLE-DC/JC) will be installed SBR sensor module initially to correspond this regulation.

Baseframe Support Table Legend

About the information on this site
  • RECARO Japan Co., Ltd. lists information on all Baseframe currently available for sale.
  • Lists information about some car models not supporting RECARO seats (makes in which RECARO seats cannot be installed).
  • The “Remarks” column of the Vehicle Information table lists information necessary for identifying car models.
  • The “Notes” column of the Vehicle Information table lists preconditions for installing a RECARO seat.
Determining whether a RECARO seat can be installed
  • We check whether a seat can be installed in a given vehicle by installing a new seat in a new vehicle.
  • In order for a seat to be determined to be installable, it must meet the following two criteria:
    1. There is no interference between the internal structural components of the seat (e.g. the frame) and the car interior
    2. The driver must be able to sit in a posture that does not impede driving.
  • If there is interference between the seat upholstery (including the urethane under the upholstery surface) and the car interior, this will be mentioned in the “Notes” or “Matching” column.
  • Even if there is no mention in the “Notes” or “Matching” section, there may be interference between the seat upholstery (including the urethane under the upholstery surface) and the car interior, due to variation in the seat or the vehicle.
  • In some cars, the seating position in a RECARO seat may be more to the left or right of the steering wheel than a standard seat, due to the floor shape or other factors.
  • In addition, please pay attention to the “Notes” column, because there may be special conditions for installation depending on the car make.
  • The results of installation may differ if a used car or a seat that is already in use is used, due to changes occurring over time.
  • In some makes of car, the legs of the slide rail must be cut in order to adjust the seat height (this is because the slide-rail legs interfere with the car or installation bolts and nuts, preventing height adjustment).
Features of original seats
  • In almost all car makes, the entire original seat is removed, including the slide rails, before installing the RECARO seat. For this reason, the features of the original seat, such as power sliding and height adjusters, will be lost. Please pay particular attention to notes on seats with passenger-seat occupancy sensors and side airbags.
  • Passenger seat occupancy detection feature
    This feature detects whether the passenger seat is occupied, and if it is not, it does not activate the passenger-side airbag. This saves on repair costs. When a RECARO seat is installed, this type of feature will no longer function. The passenger-side airbag will activate in tandem with the driver-side airbag (some makes of car have a feature that allow the operation of the passenger-side airbag to be cancelled manually.)
  • Side airbags built into the seat
    If an original seat with a built-in side airbag is replaced with a RECARO seat, the side airbag feature will no longer function, and the protection of a side airbag will be lost. If a RECARO seat is installed in a make of car for which a seat with built-in side airbag is standard, a written statement is required stating that you understand that the protection of a side airbag is lost.
  • The prices in the table are for the Baseframe (including car make-specific dedicated installation fixtures, Baseframe slide rail, bolts, nuts, and other components).
  • Extra parts may be required, depending on the combination of RECARO seat and car make. In such a case, please check the “Car Make Information,” “Notes,” and “Cautions” columns.
  • The list prices are suggested retail prices (tax included). They do not include installation fees.
Driving position

By Baseframe type

  • Standard Baseframe (not displayed)
    Same driving position as original seat.
  • Dedicated Baseframe for sport seats
    Driving position appropriate for sports driving when the LX-F, SR, SP-A/G, SP-AN/GN, or AM19 series is installed.
  • Competition Baseframe
    Driving position appropriate for circuit driving when the SP-A/G or SP-AN/GN series is installed.

By seat type

  • The German specification for the AM19 series specifies a front seat-cushion edge of 25 mm higher than the Japanese specification. We generally recommend the Japanese specification.
    German AM19 specification:
    Japanese AM19 specification:
  • For the D series, the specification for the front seat-cushion edge height is 25 mm higher than the Japanese specification.
  • When installing the CS, CR, CG, Comfomed, CSE, CT, C-classic, or old Orthopead, a spacer is required in order to prevent interference between the back of the seat back and slide rail. The seated position will be the matching data plus the height of the spacer.
Symbols used in tables
RECARO seat matching
Yes No interference, or no greater than about 20 mm of interference is possible
No Installation not possible
Unknown No data on installation exists; unknown whether installation is possible
1 For left arm of left seat
2 For right arm of left seat
3 For left arm of right seat
4 For right arm of right seat
Ex: 2 or 3: Right armrest for left seat or left armrest for right seat can be installed
Ex: 2 & 3: Right armrest for left seat and left armrest for right seat can be installed